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Minnesota Laws & Statutes

Links to Minnesota laws & statutes as pertaining to water and wastewater systems.

Minnesota Laws relating to unpaid water and/or wastewater charges:

See also this part of the Minnesota Dept. of Revenue Redbook at with this statement:


“When the facility service charges for the use of sewer and water services to individual properties go unpaid, the governing body may make the charge assessable against the owner, lessee, occupant or all of them and may certify the unpaid charge to the County Auditor for collection on the real estate in the following year with other taxes collected on the property.”

Under Minn. Stat. § 444.075, subd. 3e, the governing body “may make the charges a charge against the owner, lessee, occupant or all of them and may provide and covenant for certifying unpaid charges to the county auditor with taxes against the property served for collection as other taxes are collected.”


It’s a little different language under Minn. Stat. §  116A.22:


Charges established for connections to and the use and availability of service from any water or sewer or combined system, if not paid when due, shall, together with any penalties established for nonpayment, become a lien upon the property connected or for which service was made available. On or before July 1 in each year written notice shall be mailed to the owner of any property as to which such charges are then due and unpaid, stating the amount of the charges and any penalty thereon and that unless paid by October 1 thereafter, or unless a hearing is desired on the question whether such amount and penalty is properly due and payable, the same will be certified, extended, and assessed as a tax or special assessment upon the property for collection with and as a part of other taxes in the following year. Any property owner requesting notice shall be notified of the time and place of such hearing, and the county board, or the commission appointed pursuant to section 116A.24 shall then hear all matters presented by the owner and determine the amount and penalty, if any, which is properly due and payable, and shall cause the same to be certified, extended, and assessed as stated in the notice. The county board or the commission may also provide by resolution for discontinuance of water services to any premises in the event of nonpayment of charges for any water or sewer service provided to the premises, upon reasonable notice to the owner and opportunity for hearing upon any claim that the charges are not properly due and payable.




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