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Minnesota Water Works  Operations Manual

This mOPIntroanual will give you a basic understanding of a water system and the key elements for operation & maintenance of that system.
Download chapters and appendices below:

First Publication Date: Spring 1994
Second Publication Date: Summer 1997
Third Publication Date: Summer 2001
Fourth Publication Date: Summer 2009
Fifth Publication Date: Spring 2020

Chapter 1: Water Resources
Chapter 2: Water and Its Impurities
Chapter 3: Regulations and Recommended Standards
Chapter 4: Emerging Contaminants
Chapter 5: Math
Chapter 6: Well Construction
Chapter 7: Rules Relatings to Wells and Borings
Chapter 8: Pumps
Chapter 9: Disinfection
Chapter 10: Fluoridation
Chapter 11: Aeration
Chapter 12: Coagulation
Chapter 13: Sedimentation
Chapter 14: Iron and Manganese
Chapter 15: Hardness
Chapter 16: Lime Softening
Chapter 17: Ion Exchange Softening
Chapter 18: Filtration
Chapter 19: Membrane Filtration
Chapter 20: Taste and Odor
Chapter 21: Distribution System Operation

Chapter 22: Storage
Chapter 23: Cross Connections

Chapter 24: Microbiology
Chapter 25: Corrosion
Chapter 26: Plan Review and Standards
Chapter 27: Security and Emergency Preparedness


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